An attitude of gratitude

I grew up at a time when the cars had carboretors and planned obsolescence was not a norm. I give away my age I suppose. But also things were a lot more real and a there was nothing virtual. There was no google or wikipedia or the internet. You took notes on a piece of paper and you read books that were printed on paper.

Yet the wonders of technology let me type this post on my phone whilst I lie in bed pensive about how the virtual took over the real.

An interesting conversation with a dear friend of nearly two decades incidently through technology spurred this thought pattern.  Reminiscing about those times when landlines were modern and if you wanted to offer condolences it was not just a text message or a virtual hug. You went in person and hugged in person and gave the most precious commodity we all have “time”. But I suppose we move on with times-change is inevitable. The flip side is that technology makes it easier for us to be in touch with people on the other side of the planet. My last memories of my eternally rested father are a blessing of the internet. 

In those days things were built to last, people fixed things because consumerism was not rife. A good pair of shoes was meant to last a few years. Your first job lasted until retirement. I guess it was the same with relationships people were content in what they had. Some might say because they did not know better. Doubtless, they made things work. Till death do us part meant exactly that.

Where did it all go wrong? Granted, consumerisum makes our lives easier, but it does add complications. For instance, nearly everything that makes our lives easy relies almost entirely on electricity. Yet we are raising awareness on the green agenda. Without electricity we might be transported back into the stone ages.

What is gratitude though? Is it knowing that you have a better life than your ancestors? Or is it just a case of appreciating every blessing that we have thanks to our fellow men.

I suppose gratitude extends to the associations we form whilst living this limited life – our families, friends, acquantinces or even the stranger that helps out in a moment of need. Its about appreciating the individual quirks that make us human – prone to errors of judgement.

Gratitude to me is waking up and thanking the Almighty that He has blessed me with another day to live on this wonderful planet that we call earth. Gratitude is being able to sit at home and enjoy the pleasures this life has afforded me. Its being able to ride my motorbike, see family through the internet, type on my smartphone and update this post instantly. But its also about appreciating the people who have been in my life. And everyone has taught me something that has shaped my personality. Some through their words some through their actions and some through both. Its been the deeply penetrating heartaches and the stomach hurting laughters all of which have taught me that change is inevitable.

How often do we stop and take a deep breath and just are thankful for the moments that could one day become memories. Moments when someone talks about the ‘good ole days’ with a glint in their eyes. Moments when your dreams became realities. Its those moments which although fleeting burn deeply in the recessess of our memories. Carpe diem I hear! If I were to sum up gratitude it would be to enjoy all the seasons life brings us, it means not letting success get to the heads and failures to our hearts. Easier said than done you bet! But arent you grateful you can still try! 

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