My love for motorbikes is possibly second to none. Its a passion that makes me literally risk life and limb everytime I sit on the saddle.

Why would I do it some might ask.
A motorbike fulfills your senses like nothing else. Whilst exhilrating a motorbike is also unforgiving to lapses in concentration, over confidence, or laziness. The gravity can only be appreciated when you land flat on the ground with a bruised ego and broken limbs. Having said that a motorbike gives you a sense of freedom- a freedom from everything that bothers you. When you are riding its just you against the world.  The most primal feeling you can get in this world – survival. All who ride will know of the pitfalls of a person talking on the phone when driving, someone pulling out of a lane without looking. Someone deciding to change lanes and indicating as an aftethought. You are quite literally fighting for your life.

Some might ask if you would ride only when its nice and sunny. All weather riders are a rarity even within the motorcyling community. Yet when you do ride its a wonderful experience.

I suppose motorcyles represent living your life one ride at a time. Living and not existing. You see in a car you are in an enclosed space. You are secure. On a motorcyle you pay not only for your mistakes but mistakes others make.

On a deeper level motorcycles remind me of life and how unpredictable it can be and that when life throws you a curve you take it. You ride through the storms that leave you with low visibility and desperately balancing yourself on a machine. That sometimes going round a corner means going down on a knee. That when the sun is out it doesnt always mean its a smooth ride. That when the cold winter winds blast against your chest and freezes your knuckles you keep on going.

They tell me that sometimes you have to bend to take a bend, that you are hanging over just to go faster – pushing yourself to get better. But above all they remind me to enjoy all the seasons life brings us.

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