Happy Easter

Easter is a festival that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. From a ritualistic perspective Easter shares a similarity with Eid ul Fitr which follows the holy month of Ramadan. 40 days of fasting commonly referred to as Lent followed by celebration.

Lent is a period of sacrifice culminating in the ultimate sacrifice made for us humans. And as Christians we celebrate that our sins have been washed away by Jesus’ blood.

Indeed Jesus taught us to pray by saying ‘forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us’. How often can we do that and how often do we actually forgive people? It’s a question that plagues me deeply sometimes. 

Easter at its very essence is a renewal of faith. A message of hope particularly from the darkness that surrounds our lives. A wiping clean of past transgressions, a new lease of life. Hence the coinciding of Easter with the first Sunday of Spring. But how often can we do that? How often is it actually water under the bridge? 

Life has a way of making us vengeful but the only person we tend to punish is ourselves possibly because we have either been too trusting or too loving or just feel that people have taken advantage of us. But do we actually need to live in the past and let our fears dictate our present?

Faith in its essence is living by a code that requires us to be more trusting of God than we are of ourselves. Being more God like is a lifelong process strewn with failures. But it is in our failures that we see our mortality and experience the grace that God bestows upon us.

Let us therefore use this Easter to forgive one another but more importantly ourselves for the mistakes we have made. Let us wipe the slate clean and wow to ourselves to live a life with a closer personal relationship with God. Let this Easter bring a new season in our lives a season bursting with freshness of hope, love and light. Happy Easter all. 

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