Diamond in the rough – Roaring Springs, PA

What’s in a name some ask. If a town is called Roaring Springs the first thought would probably be that of rushing rapids complete with adrenaline junkies flexing their muscles against the might of Mother Nature’s very own Hercules – water.

Whilst the drive to Roaring Spring from Clearfield PA is filled with clouds kissing the hills and wild bushes enveloping the ever green pine trees. The roads mimic life with their blind turns and hidden verges.

Upon arrival at Roaring Springs you are greeted with the soul calming tranquility  that only Roaring Springs can offer. The quietness is amplified by the sweet chirping of the birds. It is here where you feel God reaching out His healing hand that touches your soul to leave it serene and quiet. It is here where you can experience the sound of the stones crunching beneath your feet and you realise that the roar of a car engine disturbs the peace akin to a tornado that passes through shattering everything in its wake.

Standing on the grass it feels like the earth is taking away all your troubles cleansing the heart from all anxiety.

What Roaring Springs PA also tells us that sometimes our alter ego is not all about being irresponsible and vain, it might just be about experiencing the majesty of God’s love first hand and realising that the best things in life are indeed free.

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